Area: 7 ha

Total capacity: 650 IDPs

Estimated cost: 1 500 000 USD

Refurbishment: 3 months

Possibility to add 6 modular buildings

This is an existing student dormitory in Zinkivtsi, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Khmelnytskyi region.


The refurbished building will house 250 IDPs and occupies a large land plot of 7ha in a scenic landscape.


The dormitory is publicly owned. Refurbishment is estimated to take about 3 months. The property overlooks the Old City Fortress and is a 20 min walk from the historical center.

Required financing 300 000 USD


6 modular buildings could be added, with a capacity for 400 people at a cost of 1 200 000 USD


There is scope for the creation of allotments to allow IDPs to grow their own food.