Building Homes and Lives
for Internally Displaced Ukrainian Families

Approximately 1 million Ukrainian Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have had their homes destroyed and are homeless, being forced to sleep on floors in emergency shelters.

We create homes, communities, and jobs for IDPs in Ukraine by funding projects to refurbish and repurpose disused buildings in safe areas of Ukraine to accomodate up to 20,000 people before the onset of the cold Ukrainian winter.

See how we have already transformed old buildings in Ivano-Frankivsk, Western Ukraine, since the war began:.  All the work has been done by Ukrainian volunteers and IDPs working for free:

  • renovated dormitory and accomodated 150 IDPs

  • currently refurbishing a donated hotel which will accommodate 80 IDPs

MoveUkraine is headed by Founder and Chairman John Shmorhun, an American Ukrainian executive with over 20 years of living and working in Ukraine.

  He is supported by:

- Andy Kuzich, Co-founder and CFO

- Patricia Shmorhun Hawrylyshyn, Co-founder and COO

- Anna Pashynska, Chief Architect and Spatial Planner